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Upfront Questions

How long has Urban Paw Prints been in business?

Founded in 2014, Urban Paw Prints is devoted to providing Londoners with a full service customer experience.

What areas of London do you service?

We are currently based and serve Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Deptford and the surrounding south east London area. To check if you are within our catchment area for service, please feel free to contact us.

Is the company licensed and insured?

Yes. Since October 2018, anyone providing a daycare or home boarding service must obtain a license from their local authority. Urban Paw Prints is licensed by Greenwich Council. Our registration number is T10677.

We also have full comprehensive public liability insurance provided by Pet Business Insurance Ltd. Proof of license and insurance is provided to each client during our initial consultation with you.

Do you offer pet sitting?

Yes. Please visit our page on services for additional information and pricing.

How many dogs are generally walked in a group?

We only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any given time to ensure each dog receives plenty of attention. Normally, we will walk 2 or 3 dogs within a group.

My dog has never walked with a group before. Do you think this will be a problem?

No. Rarely do we find that a dog is not suitable.
If a dog does struggle to walk with a group, we can always discuss various training techniques to build confidence with your dog so they feel comfortable on every walk.

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

No. As a matter of fact our walks often help with training. Many owners have noticed improvement in their dog’s behavior after walking with a group. However, we do only accept well-behaved social dogs to walk within our groups.

How much distance is covered during a Urban Paw Prints walk?

We cater the distance we cover on a walk to suit the needs of your dog. If you have a young pup, walks tend to be shorter in duration.
An adult dog will walk roughly 2 miles on a one hour walk.

When the weather is very hot are the dogs given water?

Of course. We always carry water bowls and fresh water in our backpacks.

If it is raining or really cold, do you still go out for an hour?

Rain or shine, we will always be walking! We recommend getting your dog a waterproof lined coat for wet weather conditions. Labs generally don’t need coats because water does not penetrate their fur. If we see that a dog is truly having a hard time, we will take the dog home sooner and spend the remaining time playing with him/her in your home.

Do you have references?

Yes. We will happily provide references from current clientele. Please feel free to visit our Reviews page.

My dog is elderly. Would a one hour walk be too much for him?

The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. Many elderly dogs can easily do our longer walks. During a consultation, that is when we will discuss the specific needs of your dog.

At what age can a puppy start walking within a group?

Generally, after about 5 to 6 months of age. That is normally the age we will integrate a young pup into a larger group.
Puppies under 5 months of age are walked in special puppy groups and not longer than 1 hour.

Do you ever walk dogs in the park?

Yes. We do our best to include as much park time as possible, especially if your dog loves to socialise! Greenwich Park is one of our favourite locations in the city!

What do you do if my dog does not get along with another dog?

We would put them on different routes, though this rarely happens.

Do I have to be home when you pick up and drop off my dog?

No. The majority of dog owners are either at work or out running errands. We ask that you entrust us with an extra set of keys to your house. Remember, we are fully insured and will provide you with a background check. When the keys are not in use, they are stored in a safe.

May I tip my dog walker?

Absolutely! Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.


There are so many dog walking businesses in London. What sets you apart from the others?

Urban Paw Prints recognizes that each client and pet has his or her own specific requirements. We tailor our care according to your preferences and the needs of your pet. All walkers are certified in Canine First Aid and have specifically knowledge in the care and welfare of animals.

Our daycare and home boarding environment has also been thoroughly inspected and approved by an officer from the City of London. Due to the exceptional condition of our facility, Urban Paw Prints has received the higher standards designation with our license from Greenwich Council.

What results and benefits can I expect for my pet?

It is likely that you are looking for a dog walker or pet sitting services because you feel stressed (and maybe a little guilty) about leaving your pet home alone. You will be able to relax and to really focus on work or fun knowing that your pet is in caring and capable hands.

By providing companionship, exercise and stimulation while you are away, the level of stress your dog experiences will be greatly reduced. Your pet will never be happier!

How will I know how my pet is doing when I’m away from home?

We feel communication is vital in creating a healthy relationship with all owners. We keep in contact with each individual owner through Watsapp. Prior to the first walk or daycare visit, we will create a private group on Watsapp. This allows us the opportunity to provide you with daily feedback and photos so you know exactly what your dog did that day. We also post photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages, our clients love this!

For longer durations during dog boarding, we provide you with a daily update on the status of your dog to alleviate any stress or worry you may feel.

How will you discipline my pet, if necessary?

Our goal is to keep you fully in the loop with regards to the time we spend with your dog. If we encounter obedience issues that we think should be addressed, we will discuss them with you and find out how you would like us to handle them. As a standard, we only employ positive training techniques.

What if I run across an emergency outside of your regular business hours and need help at the last minute?

We will try our absolute hardest to accommodate last minute requests. If there is any sort of emergency, please call us immediately for services.

How do I know my keys will be safe?

We code all of our clients’ keys instead of labelling them with your name, address or other identifying marks. Keys are stored in a secure safe when not in use.

My dog has been aggressive in the past. Can we still be a client?

This all depends on your dog. If your dog walker gets along well with your pet and can control him during walks, then we see no reason why we can’t continue to work with you.
Unfortunately, if there is a danger of physical harm to the walker, another person or animal then we are unable to care for your dog.

What if my property or pet is damaged?

Urban Paw Prints is liable only for damage from negligence or wilful misconduct. Due to the unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for uncontrollable mishaps, such as bites or furniture damage.

Booking & Payment

What forms of payment do you accept and how does billing work?

All invoices are sent on the last day of each month and covers the previous month of services. Payment is due within 7 days. Payment is to be made preferably by cash or via bank transfer.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. The service agreement grants us permission to enter your home, to care for your pet and that you agree to our policies and procedures.

What is your cancellation policy?

Dog walks and daycare sessions require a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee.

Are there extra costs for holiday visits?

Daycare and overnight home boarding services that fall on a bank holiday are assessed an additional £15 fee.

I still have questions.

Absolutely! Call Brian at 07546 775736 or fill out the form here.

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