“Our top priorities are the satisfaction of our clients and providing a safe and fun environment for all the dogs in our care”


Founded in 2014, Urban Paw Prints is devoted to providing Londoners with a full service customer experience.

We understand the pressure that many busy professionals feel when forced to leave their pets alone at home while they pursue their careers.

By providing exceptional pet care services, Urban Paw Prints is able to help alleviate that feeling of guilt pet parents often experience when they are not able to be with their furry family member. From the time you leave the house to the moment you get home, we want your dog to have a lasting positive experience.

Who we are

The team who combines professional expertise with personalised canine care.



Brian has an affinity for all animals
and is the heart and soul of Urban
Paw Prints.

Growing up in Canada, Brian started his journey by walking dogs in between his university courses. His entrepreneurial spirit led him London, where he recognised an opportunity in the pet care industry to provide a professional and reliable dog walking service. As a dog owner, Brian strongly believes in nurturing dogs in a natural environment. You will often see him in the local park with a pack of lovely dogs. Brian participates in ongoing educational courses and has recently completed a diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare.



Prior to joining Urban Paw Prints, Bryce had a successful career in the corporate world. It was this exposure that allowed Bryce to observe how many working professionals struggled to balance pet parenthood and work. This experience and his love for dogs inspired him to embark on a new venture into the pet care service industry.

His calming ability and sense of confidence allows all dogs to be comfortable in his presence. Bryce is also an assistant instructor on a weekly dog obedience course that focuses on providing young dogs with the training necessary to help them develop into happy and healthy adults.


Team Mascot

Brian and Bryce are the proud parents of Loxie. Loxie is a cockapoo with a sweet temperament. She enjoys a good run in the park and is an avid squirrel chaser. Loxie truly comes alive when she is on the beach and feels the sand beneath her paws. She will happily entertain you with her various tricks, but will always expect a treat in return. When Loxie is not being cuddled by her owners, she can be found asleep upside down on the sofa.

Loxie is very much the heartbeat of Urban Paw Prints!

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